Happy Accidents…

I’ve never made it a secret that I am a bob ross fan right?

I had one of my own “happy accident” moments in my studio. I went up to clean and straighten up a bit on Thursday. I really needed to get busy. I kept looking around at my mess but just wasn’t feeling any domestic vibes. Shocked? Me either! Hah

Anyway, I haven’t painted in the studio for two weeks (almost) because I’ve been sick. My painting in progress kept catching my eye though. Next thing I knew, a few hours are gone and I’m happily studying my progress. I scoot my chair back to take a couple pics, I do this to look at my work more critically away from the canvas. I’m still viewing my progress. And then I notice something, I think. I scoot forward and look closer. Then back. And, well you get the idea. I quickly grab a brush and thin down some paint to make some lines.

Sure enough…she is there. Without hardly any manipulation either! I’m so excited that I can’t stop here. I add some paint to my palette and give her some shadows here and there.

She’s there-subtle, part of the mountain scape. Arms outstretched, and her hair is flowing around her. She is the mountain, yet recognizably different in nature, and I am going to do my best to define her on this canvas.

Do you see her?

Work in progress: When Women Wake, Mountains Move by

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.

~Chinese Proverb

Peace, Valerie