I’m Alright, Baby Girl, and New Art…

Greetings & Salutations,

After my last blog, I thought perhaps a quicker follow up post is in order. I am still frustrated and feeling a little lost. But I am ok. I needed to let off a bit of emotional steam. Please, do not worry. I’m tough. Let’s move on.


I haven’t talked about HER a lot-I want to share my “almost finished baking” first grandchild. The ultrasound pics were taken near the end of March. But…aren’t they amazing? Baby Girl Dowdy is due mid June, doing well, and growing like a weed. (Poor mom!) She currently weighs a few ounces short of 5 pounds. Personally, I think she’s adorable. 🥰

The weekend past was the baby shower. They had fun and were gifted many thoughtful things. Grandma (I need a grandma name that suits me!) and Pops are not planning to spoil her or anything like that. Nope. No way. We’d never do anything like that 😉


I eked out a piece of art and a companion piece is available soon too. It is an apple tree, obviously. Created on 11×14 inch watercolor paper using watercolors, ink and acrylic pen. Not typical of my usual creations-it somehow still sits easily with me.

Thoughts on Life:

I am no closer to answers of where I am going these days or what I’ll be painting and how often. The transitoriness of life, becomes more clear, and how blissfully ignorant we are as youth/adults. One minute we are clamoring for the top of all things without limitation and in a blink we’re suddenly hanging on to a cloud of ether for dear life. Impossible to contain and disappearing too quickly.

I’ve always thought the lyrics of Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera are a metaphor for life and have been in my thoughts recently-see various lines below that are pulled from the lyrics.

Take your turn, take a ride.
On the merry-go-round
Drink it in, drink it up
Till you’ve drowned, in the light, in the sound
But who can name the face?
Hide your face, so the world will never find you
And may it splendour, never fade
Six months, what a joy, what a change
What a blessed release and what a masquerade!

Masquerade-Phantom of the Opera

love, art, life, and death it is a masquerade.

Until next we meet,