From The Far Side Of My Art & Life…..

Greetings, From The Far Side….do you remember or know The Far Side Artist?

Gary Larson-The Far Side

The far side actually meaning that my bronchitis went from bad to worse. And by worse, I mean I wound up in an ER for 6 hours, and then admitted to hospital. Yep, you read that correctly.

I am recovering now at home. Not as quickly as I’d like, but no more than I can expect with my underlying health problems exacerbating the problem. Anyway….

When I went back to review my last post, I am embarrassed by the waste of the space and dramatics. I hope it helps to explain how badly I felt. My goal was to post and buy myself a little time to mend. So thank you for your understanding and patience.

As you can guess there hasn’t been a lot of artwork going on in my house.

In deciding how to wind up this post, I’ve added a Timelapse Art Vid of one of the new faces I’ve been creating. I have no idea where I am going but something is brewing. It might simply be a break and back at the surreal, I just don’t know yet. I am also working on getting holiday goodies added onto the Etsy store (when i am not recovery napping) if you’re in a holiday shopping mood…. Here’s the link:

Until next time, Valerie


  1. Oh no. I hope recovery starts going better and you start bouncing back. ❤️