‘For What It Is Worth….’

…is actually a line from a late 60’s song, by Buffalo Springfield, written about the sunset strip riots in California. Sunset strip riots-read more here

My Art News:

Live Painting- I’ve tried to upload my time lapse video of me painting live in Richmond, Alas, YouTube doesn’t seem to like it and of course i can’t get it into WordPress either, with my limited skills. If you’re interested, you’ll have to follow @valeriedowdyart on Instagram or @valartist on Twitter to see three hours can be condensed into 30 seconds. Color me amazed. The event itself was an adventure I do not believe i care to repeat. It was exhausting to be ‘on’ socially and performing as I tried to crank out some semblance of an artwork. Tack onto that a 2 hour drive each way and you can imagine why we laid low most of Sunday.

First Friday: of every month happens in downtown Lynchburg, it is always worthy of your effort (in my opinion). I was stationed at the art club for my opening reception, so I missed out on happenings in the art space, co op, and the academy. I have learned, however, that a noteworthy artist from our area recorded $29,000 in sales within that three hours. Wow, right? I have only made that kind of income in one year and it was accomplished in three weeks. I was not, unfortunately, standing around admirably, while people grabbed up my paintings, I was painting murals. Still nothing to sneeze at, and something I am proud of today. Mural work is still a lucrative field, if you have the back and shoulders for it.

I see this story as a reminder of the worthwhile goal for us all to work toward. People DO buy art. The learning curve (that some of us never attain fully) is a recipe of skills, hard work and a bit of luck. Obviously creating your work always comes first, but knowing your market, and NEVER giving up also are key to finding your own brand of success.

Advice: You can never compare your successes or goals to that of someone else. Your journey is not their journey. Each of us must figure out our own path, work hard, and when you get down or tired, keep working anyway. Andy Warhol has a quote that’s been often repeated. It is one of the most important ones I’ve ever heard. I’m paraphrasing here, make art, and while others are trying to decide if it’s good or not, keep making more art. If I have been reminded of one thing since we relocated, it is this, the more I create, the more creativity seems to find me. At times I’ve felt almost overwhelmed with all the ideas and work I’ve been making. I know, this process is leading me to my next chapter and purpose. When the time is right I will know or it will happen. I just want to be ready for the trip.

So For now, I keep painting.

I am taking the rest of the week for myself, see ya after the holiday!

Peace and Happy Early Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Valerie

My very first mixed media surrealistic art ©️Valerie Dowdy 2002 (nfs)