First ARTwork of 2020…

On A Personal Note:

Looking forward to this week? I am. It is going to be very spring like weather for Central Virginia

James update: In case you’re wondering about hubs, he is back at work this week. A little weak, but almost back to 100%. Thank you for those who sent kind words and wishes.

Art Updates:

Yesterday was a long studio day, but I am calling this one finished. I know…finally! This piece has taken me months to complete. With a few changes in design plans, and then life interruptions adding to its delay. In my defense it takes a while to detail 30×40 inches of canvas space. Although I call it complete, all artists know there will be tweaks, and maybe more tweaks and that’s just the way it goes, until we finally we just stop.

The quote I chose for this post seems very appropriate as I deliberate over the title. I am stymied as to the how and why some pieces seem to have titles before I even get started. While others, like this one have so much to say. Yet I here I am, in a struggle to commit myself to just one. Perhaps it is as Rembrandt says…

Todays Quote:

A work is finished when an artist realizes his intentions. ~Rembrandt
Until next time. 
Peace, Valerie