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692 days since our last snow, well, we got some!

I have been thinking… (I know, a dangerous pastime). As a immunosuppressive individual my art business has suffered in the last year along with everyone else. It is looking like this year will be a repeat. I am not one to sit around and feel sorry for myself (not very long anyway). So, I have an idea or proposal that I am excited to share.


Sets include:

  • 4–4×5.5 inch, original art print notecards with envelopes
  • 1–2×3 inch matching magnet, bookmark, sticker, etc
  • TBD a little something extra
  • Feb 2 is the Last day to pre-order for March (sorry this one is a little short, but next will will have more time)
  • Questions or Sign up now by contacting me via the contact page or email: valeriedowdyart@gmail.com
Buy & Pay Onlinehere: https://py.pl/1hY08W

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Afterwards, each months design will go “into the vault”. If there is enough interest these sets could become a monthly subscription and discounted for anyone who signs up for a membership. (TBA)

Art News:

I am still actively working on the Madame Butterfly series. Above are three more I recently added. Meanwhile I am concocting ideas on a ‘show’ for my newer work. See my last post if you’re interested in for more info about these pieces. To follow my illustration/digital work follow my new gallery on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/valart.illustrations

No winter last forever. No spring skips it’s turn.

Hal Borland

Until next time. Peace,