Getting Out Of My Own Way…

is probably the hardest requirement for creating my art.

©️ValerieDowdyArt work in progress

Whether you are a painter, a writer or whatever, it is hard to let go and allow ‘the muse’ to direct your decisions during the creation process. One, because we like to be in control, or at least to think we are anyway. (We all should know differently). Two: allowing the muse to lead, will most likely take us somewhere that is not necessarily comfortable. It rarely is. (Because it is easier to know where where to go, and what to do!) Sounds comfortable right? Of course it does. Especially to anyone who ever tries to do obtain anything that is above average. I have fought this war between my fears and my artist self since I seriously began making art. Actually, if I am being honest, my entire life has been fear of embracing things out of my “comfort zone”. I am one who is always looking ahead, planning for the possibility of things. The unknown roads veering outward and away, intimidate me. Following the unfamiliar-is to accept metamorphosis. I’m finally learning that my self and my art are a constant evolvement, in order to stay in internally balanced. It is when this stops happening that I should worry. It sounds simple enough to do. Walking an unencumbered beautiful path is in actuality anything but easy or unimpeded. Life is messy. We cannot predict everything. But this artistic release of control is vital to a creator. Otherwise, we’re just spinning our wheels in place, hidden, away and fearful. The longer we fight, everything becomes harder and more unobtainable.
Keep moving. Even if it is sideways for a time.

©️ValerieDowdyArt Time Lapse Background Painting

I started the featured painting after a break from the studio and some time spent indulging in digital artwork. I truly enjoy this art media and creating surface designs. In fact, I love it almost as much as painting on canvas.
I’ve not shared on my social media just how far my work progress really is. Somehow it seems more appropriate to share that here first with the those who’ve supported me, when I am actively posting and when I am not so actively posting. (Sorry for that lately, by the way). This begs the question of vlogging instead…Anyway, here is my progress report. I decided to change the flower in her hair into a more stylized, surrealistic flora. This is more typical of my style and preference. Hope you agree too. Now to finish the hand/arm and her eyes.

Her thoughts were fastened together 
with the threads of her daily being 
A tapestry of her life 
A work of art worth seeing 
Shared by the strokes of an endless dream 
Brushed with the colors of the heart 
flowing together like a river downstream, 
a living work of art 
She painted her life with colors 
A rainbow of emotions on the canvas of her years 
A sculpture of life, ever changing 
filled with laughter, heart ache and tears 
A song so sweet yet incomplete 
a harmony of feelings composed with love 
Visions of her thought and her memories 
Sparkling like the stars up above 
Like a symphony thats unfinished 
with many notes yet to be played 
her song of life never diminished 
By the subtle mistakes she has made 
The mural of her life will show 
the realization of her dreams past 
with gentle shades of the present and a future yet to be cast 
As she paints and sculptures, composing her life 
She will surely come to see 
the brilliant realization, 
a natural work of art 
and a living memory 
William Lindenmuth

I feel like this poem should end: and a living memory….is she

Work In Progress

stay warm, stay healthy and hopefully find a little measure of peace in 2021,