Eve Of Woman-Surreal Portrait

I took my inspiration for “Eve Of Woman” from “Son of Man” by Magritte, it is one of my favorite surreal pieces.

I shared on the blog a few weeks ago about a portrait show coming up in my art club, and that I thought I’d give a portrait a go. But, as most of you know me, I’m not normal and I rarely approach art from a traditional perspective. So this piece won’t disappoint you if you’re expecting for something unique.

I’m going to do something I don’t do very often. I’m going to talk a little about this piece and what story I want to tell with “eve of woman”.

There are so many issues and movements regarding women currently. Women are basically a movement. Today more than ever we are moving forward, bigger and bolder before. When I began to create this piece these ideas were all pushing forward in my thinking.

  • There is a big blue sky and ocean behind my Eve. These elements represent the endless possibilities to young ladies and women today.
  • When we see a suit, most of us automatically see it as representative of power.  She wears a suit but with a curved collar. Why? because I believe it is ok to identify as feminine, if that is your choice. Regardless, of how she chooses to identify, she is powerful.
  • Ties have been symbols of enslavement for many years.  There are many different types of enslavement. She wears a tie that is bigger than average, because it is an important point to her struggles and powerfulness. So, this tie is, well, tied.
  • The apple covering her face is there for more than a few reasons, one it represents eve, the original woman.  It hides her face because age, beauty or lack of, should not influence your opinion or acceptance.
  • The apple has so many symbolic references in art, seasons, senses, sin, knowledge, acceptance, temptation…

I’d really like to hear your reactions on how this piece affects you.

Peace, Valerie