A furbaby little story…

I know a lot of you probably think I’ve gotten lazy about posting for the last year or so, but you’d be wrong about that assumption.  I’ve shared with you our journey over the last two years, and moving 3 times, right? If you didn’t know that, we’ll, now you do. I’m just saying i am not a spring chicken here, so it took a toll on my back. Not to mention the mental stress of leaving your job, moving, selling a house, moving your stuff after it’s sold, renting, only to find out the  owner wants to move back, and then having 3 months to buy another house. It stresses me out just typing it out!

My husband and I are at the empty nest stage of our lives and decided it was time to downsize. And boy did we! That’s an adventure in and of itself, and deserves a blog of its own, by someone who has more strength than me to tell that story!

Through out this process we’ve drug our furry, four legged baby around with us. Meet Abe, he’s almost 15 years old (in June). He’s been diabetic for the past 3 yrs. He tore his Achilles heel, and we managed to get that healed. This move has been tough on him too. He’s a trooper and loves to travel (thank goodness) so the many, many trips back and forth between our destinations were not more stressful on him. Did I mention, when we moved, we moved almost 6 hours away, and that my husband left a month or so before us? Yeah.


Anyway, what does all of this have to do with my art blog? I’m sharing this because i want you to know that in the last few months Abraham’s health has declined, and he’s developed something called trachea collapse. Because of his diabetes, he is unable to receive the medication that’s normally given to help with symptoms. So we’re working on others to find something that helps. He’s too old for the surgery.

Because I choose to focus on his needs and comfort right now; I am not upstairs painting. It is stressful for him when we go upstairs to my studio. (Haven’t figured out why). I have been focusing on some smaller projects, drawing Sassy Wine Chick and finishing up little projects around the house so that Abe can hear me, and find me when he wakes up and not get too stressed out. That’s one of the things you need to avoid for your pet when they have trachea collapse…stress or over exerting.  Not to say that I am not creating, I’m just doing so at a much slower pace and therefore do not have a lot of progress to share as often.

Please send Abe lots of good thoughts.

Until next time, peace.