Elementary School Art & Romero Britto, POP Artist

Hello back from the not so art side of life!

I have had a guest in my home for a few days and we spent time catching up, sight seeing, chilling and doing lots of “girls time” together. She was safely dropped off in Richmond and headed into the rest of her mini vacation.

Rainy days have slowed me down both artistically, and yard-work’istically. But, I now have a new project to help keep me busy during the month of June. I will be teaching third through fifth graders art in one of the elementary schools summer program. Imagine me, with a bunch of third through fifth graders! We will have a blast learning about and recreating well known artists work (or i sure hope so). It’s been a few years since I have jumped into the teaching arena. I am definitely not a teacher, but more so an enthusiastic artist try’er!

Since my focus will be tuned to budding artists, how about I share some of each weeks lessons with you guys? If you’re involved in teaching classes to children, Please feel free to jump in with tips, ask questions, or borrow from my lessons. I would appreciate a share and/or acknowledgement if you do borrow. (@valartist on Twitter & Instagram) (@thecustombrush on Facebook) or, of course here (ValerieDowdy.com)

June 10-13 Lesson One: Inspired by Romero Britto, a Brazilian Self Taught Artist, and philanthropist, self portraits.

All of the art featured in this blog post is NOT MINE, it is the work of Romero Britto a we’ll known Neo Pop Artist who is self taught, a philanthropist, and advocate for artists of all ages and backgrounds.

Stay tuned…

Peace, Valerie

the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery ~Mark Van Doren