Fine Art, Cacti, Succulent Art Prints…


After the really personal share, I sort of got nervous about having shared something so personal. I needed some time to process the fact that I did in fact do that and you’ll be happy to know I’ve dug out an old journal for writing down the private stuff. You’re welcome. Now let’s get back to talking about art.

Let’s talk about art prints in particular. First I’m going to point out that these are not quality fine art (giclèe) prints. What they are are decent prints made by a company outsourcing- to you guessed it…more artists. So, the creator gets a cut, the printer gets some business, and the company. However, if you are looking for a fine art quality print of one of my pieces, I can definitely hook you up there as well. Win. Win.

Below is the other option for your consideration. Prints from RedBubble. I am sharing some of my original art paintings along with digital art paintings. You can get a print framed 16×21” for $150. There are some smaller size options too. Plus there are tshirts, phone cases, totes, notebooks, cards and lots more. Even if you don’t buy my art you should check the site out.


That’s it for now. I will be posting more options of available items throughout the rest of the year. I want to share with you how much I really am enjoying some digital art time. I hope you will not discredit the skill level required into a digital piece. Because it takes a lot of work. In fact, I would say it is almost more difficult to take something and create it with only digital tools. There is a level of skill in manipulating a stylus/pencil across a screen in the same manner of painting that requires a lot of practice and effort. I for one, in the beginning didn’t give this technology a fair assessment. I am amending that now.

I am not saying they replace each other, because the tactile element aroused in an artist is irreplaceable. But there is a certain sense of pleasure to controlling a tool/brush/pen as well. They both have their place. So before you accuse someone of copy pasting (there some of those in both genres) because you definitely can. Explore the work and the artist. let me know what you think after you’ve looked a bit closer at professional digital artists.


“It is not so much where my motivation comes from but rather how it manages to survive.” – Louise Bourgeois

Until next time my friends, have a day and try to make it as good as possible…