December Art Greetings…

Late Blogging Greetings on this cold Wednesday morning-here in Central Virginia anyway. I needed a little break from blogging, if you’re still there, thank you for respecting and understanding this. However, taking a break from attempting to write does not mean I have been breaking from Art. Indeed, just the opposite! Fortunately art commissions began to filter in for the approaching holidays. This strange and difficult year has affected my artwork and our routines like everyone else.

During the summer I had gardening and outdoor projects to keep busy. Once those cold blustery winds and rain swept into our region, I am forced inside. I have been adjusting to changing gears, thus the struggle to keep the blog posts regular. Winter is always a tough time for me. Often showing up in my work in dark, somber colors. I do not expect or predict that this one will be any different. I am not apologizing, but I do feel the need to warn you if you are not familiar with my working patterns. (and thank you for being here reading the blog 🤓)

Art News: Between holiday commissions I have begun creating these surreal pieces. Mostly the pieces are floral subjects. Each one is multi layered with color and detailed line work.

These pieces are available for fine art giclèe prints. I have selected four that were made into 5×7 inch prints and are in stock and available immediately. If you are interested in one of these or another piece or even a larger sized piece, reach out to me soon. But please do so very soon, or we will not have time to get it ordered and shipped to you before deadlines. Unfortunately, I have accepted the last larger commission piece that I will be able to finish for the holiday season.. I am open to commissions for after the new year.

Available Prints:

If you’d like to purchase any one of the four prints above forward the corresponding number(s) and pay via link below: $10 for each 5×7 inch print and $7.75 USPS Priority Mail (one shipping fee for multiple orders).

For now, I am closing here, and getting back to daily covid survival, making art and perhaps a bit of holiday baking…

Best to you and yours, have a day…make it whatever you like.

I love being in my garden. I don’t plant a lot of exotic flora, but I do spend a lot of time outside doing manual labour.

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