Blog Crashes & Artist (Me) Is Distraught 😭 🤯


My blog page crashed!!!?? 🤯 but my tech guru aka Ashley the Eldest, has been helping me to get it fixed. We even had to call in the big guns aka WordPress Support Team for some assistance.
It takes so much time to recover from something like this and so much behind the scenes work goes on, it is almost physically traumatic and it is definitely mentally exhausting. I’ll be honest, I felt nauseated when I realized that it had indeed crashed.
I appear to have lost or my subscribers are out there in the ether somewhere. Ashley and I have been struggling with our schedules being off too-which slows our progress even more. Grrrr, let’s move on and talk about art…before I lose my mind. 🤯

Art News:

As you know I’m not using my time in pursuit of smaller or local Art Store/Galleries. My art in general is not a fit for the average. I was, until recently, a part of a gallery that I support in Rockfish. They’re a great group of volunteers and the art is mostly traditional. But I have officially pulled out from there-the last one. My efforts are going elsewhere for the future. And…

Surreal art is definitely for a different mindset of art lovers. I’m accepting of that fact even if I’m not ok with “in the box thinkers”. But, I did not start creating art for traditionalists, surrealists, or anyone else for that matter. It is my passion, my heart and mind that come first when I create. It has to be that way or I am miserable. What is the point in trying then, at all? My studio would sit empty and unused. Valerie would be a lump of balled up creativity seeking to free itself and soar.

Lately, I continue playing around with these small 8×10 and 9×12 inch flora and fauna artworks with a surrealistic edge to them. I enjoy the mental exercise of working smaller (a lot smaller) and for their convenience. I plan to do a few more. They are all multi media works so far on watercolor paper using ink, acrylic pen, and of course watercolor. I am considering recreating a few of them on canvas. here is where I am for now.
Below you will find the PayPal QR code to purchase one you like. I’ve included the 8×8 prints I worked on over winter. Please contact me if you have any questions.


***Use the link or QR code to buy one of these prints***
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Valerie Dowdy Art
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8×8 Original Digital Art Giclèe Prints



I’ll try to get my thoughts and this previously crashed blog better organized by the time I post again. But, I guess we’ll see how that goes. Haha

Until next time, take care and make art.