A Little This & That Makes Art…


2023 is starting off with a series of Flora & Fauna artworks that I’ve been creating on watercolor paper, using ink, watercolor and acrylic pen media. (Remember I’ve spoken the last couple of times about how my two passions are beginning to merge in some ways? Here’s the proof). What is really bizarre or unique is that these pieces are all 8×10, or 9×12 inches. That’s like five times smaller than my canvases!?? Whatttt?? I feel these pieces are a beginning of, or a sort of directional guide and I feel good about them, they are fun and satisfying to paint.

Morning Glories and Moth
Valerie Dowdy

Valerie Dowdy

After looking at these pieces, I believe you’ll agree that flora and fauna are definitely my current wheelhouse. But in my typical fashion I see each one just a bit differently or surrealistically than most. Bright and subtle washes of colors mix together and form curving shapes.These are highlighted with subtle white or hard black circles and lines and dots. They help pull the image together and give them that little extra panache.

Valerie Dowdy

Valerie Dowdy

These pieces will soon make their way over to join the trees I’ve also created to begin my 2023 online portfolio. At this time it is not my intention to use these for prints. However, I always reserve that right unless someone is interested in the copyright.

There are a couple more of these 8×10 inch that are still in the #wip stage. Some have sold. I’ll try to remember to mark them in the portfolio gallery. If you’re interested in owning one of these contact here or at one of my social media boxes. Instagram.com/ValerieDowdyArt

Iris and Moth
Valerie Dowdy

Poppies & Beetle
Valerie Dowdy

other stuff

What other stuff? I want to get a little personal now. Getting personal is really hard for me. Every time I share a part of me I think…too much? Too little…? Some are so good at this bit. Anyway, I keep trying.

I’ll go back a few weeks, and tell you I had Covid for the first documented time. I’m a believer in vaccines (so yes I am vaccinated). My doctor gave me paxlovid. The combination helped me recover quicker and thankfully not wind up in the hospital.
Then of course I thought I’d be nice and share with James. He was off work all week and his symptoms were a lot milder than mine. The meds helped with all those pesky symptoms which for me was terrible headaches, malaise, body weakness and soreness along with all that other viral stuff. Of course I coughed. And at times struggled with my O2 levels, fortunately i was able to deal with it from home. I’m still coughing. I’ll be battling this cough the rest of my life.

My boss went fishing for a week so, I was able to use week 2 for catching up on rest. I needed that. For now I am still kicking along-making Art, planting tomato seeds, organizing my seed book and working out some gardening ideas…the countdown to spring is beating stronger.

Speaking of beating….I finally bought my djembe drum and am looking forward to our next drum circle coming up. We’ll talk more about that later. 😊

Take care of yourselves, keep creating in whatever form that means.
Until next time, Valerie


  1. I love your flora & fauna artwork. It is beautiful! Thankful that you and James are better. You may have felt weak for a while but it seems your talent is stronger. God bless you in this new year. May spring come quickly, the ideas burn brighter, the tomatoes grow abundantly and your creativity continue to inspire us all. Love you, friend!