One of The Best Gifts I Ever Received…

Share one of the best gifts you’ve ever received.

You would think that it is easy to choose one of the “best” gifts I ever received. In some ways it could be just as easy as acknowledging that my partner, my children, family & friends, both two legged and four, are indeed my best gifts. But this is too obvious, right? Most of us are (hopefully) grateful beyond words to have been gifted with these.

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Then, there’s health, career, successfulness, a home, car and all the other visual standards of success.

I don’t have the skills to adequately use all and the right words to convey my deep love and thankfulness for all of those things. This is why I paint and do not write.

Question: So what then, is one of the greatest gifts I ever received?

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Answer: My first art supplies and paid art job using those materials. I will never ever forget that experience. I’d drawn all my life, but it had to take a back seat many other things in life. This gift began a new chapter thats momentum changed me as a person. It is that impetus that opened up many more changes, opportunities and educational experiences.

I realized that I was a real artist working professionally. For years I struggled with imposter syndrome. Especially starting out as a self taught artist. Sometimes rude comments or lack of acceptance perpetuated so many doubts that i wanted to let them win. But, obviously my support system didn’t let me do that and this is not the focus for today.

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Again, one of the best gifts I ever received were art supplies and my first professional art job. Thanks James for pushing me to find my art voice 💋

Art has given my voice, lots of opportunities, many challenges, non ending creative outlets, customers & friends. The best one of all is the courage to believe in myself and continue working every day.

Until next time, ☮️ and make 🖼️