Self Portrait in Progress…

On A Personal Note:

I realize I’ve been yet again been remiss in posting regularly. It is so hard to concentrate on blogging right now or on social media.

I am a full blow sun worshiper and always have been. We’ve been doing lots of DIY projects and never ending yard work. I always hang outside whenever possible.

Art News:

I did begin a new painting. I am SO RELUCENT to share this one and talk about it at all with you guys. I have never attempted a self portrait of any style that actually resembles myself before. I mean we all want to believe we will look like we did when we were 39 forever right? Ah the 30’s, it is crazy, and a little surreal for me to think that is the age of my children and not myself. I digress, let me move on go say that this piece is just a beginning and may never see the light of completion. It is inspired from a recent filter I applied to a #selfie in snap chat.

Everything is a self-portrait. Everything is a diary. ~Chuck Palahniuk

Hope every one has enough toilet paper, paper towels, and is safe and healthy as we begin to see some light in this tunnel. Go gently, and respectfully as we are hopefully beginning to heal.

Until next time.
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