Your Success and Happiness lies in you…..

In preparation of my day I begin with a quick check to see if it is my turn to “draw something” in the online pictionary type game we play.  Then I read through a few blogs of friends and on to facebook I go to make sure I am aware of any important events happening in my community and/or friends lives.  

Usually this means filtering through many opinions on politics, football teams and agendas others feel compelled to express. Don’t get me wrong, this is totally cool with me, after all, let “she” who is not blogging or face booking cast the first stone! 

As I was reading one such web page Little Bookstore of Big Stone GapWendy shared a story about some mugs. (theres more to the story, check out her blog for that)

These mugs are not original or even elegantly designed. What these cups do possess are mental prompts–embrace quiet moments, use the process of ritual to relax and refocus, treasure time and find your spirituality. Above all use these tools to initiate your creative process. 

As this year draws to its close and with it many events and changes (for me). I find that the motivation to seek tranquility, serenity, prosperity, sincerity and above all creativity have come along at a perfect time. 

Remember: Your success and happiness lies in you. 
Resolve to keep happy
and your joy and you shall form an invincible host.
(taken from H Keller quote)
Be safe in your plans and travels as you end 2012.  Thank you to everyone who are and have continued to read the blog, and continue to encourage and support me. Best wishes for your new year. 


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8×10, oils, unframed, stretched canvas NOW $50