…your day half sunny or half cloudy?

Greetings on the 50/50 day,

What do I mean by 50/50 kind of day? The weather man told us we have a 50% chance of rain…as I sit here creating this post I am looking out of doors and seeing a fifty percent blue sky, and deciding today my day is going to be half sunny instead of half cloudy.

Just a bit of trivia…my ground hog is awake and healthy as he/she sneaks around the yard and deck foraging for some tender greens to munch on.  I am glad to see that he/she made it through the winter.  As soon as I can I will post some pictures or video.  My goal is to work on building some familiarity with my boarder.  Some people ask if the animal is doing any damage…the only real complaints I can list are that he/she ate all of my carrots tops last summer and there are little entrances to the lair dug up beneath my deck on either side.  We will see what this summer brings, and I reserve the right to revisit this issue later.  I might we forced to consider a capture and relocate operation if our relationship doesn’t work out!

The studio/shop is progressing well and we will open the doors in what I would call a soft opening on Monday, the 19th.  I will be the test dummy to see how things go.  In any event you will find me at 419 Wood Ave Big Stone Gap and at the very least painting.  This is a new experience for me to paint plein air (for lack of a better descriptor).  Painting murals on the walls and sharing my progress on the easel are two completely different realms.

We are also working on plans for workshops, first fridays, art chats and other events.  If you would like to participate or suggest events that you would be interested in being a part of please let me know. visit our still in progress blog at:  www.artisansofthegap.com.

Our business hours (for now) are Mon-Wed 10-3 and Saturday 10-2, and by appointment.  You may contact each artist individually about appointments at info@artisansofthegap.com or our personal contact information.

Lastly, a few more pieces of doodle art to share with you before I go.



Unfinished Piece

There is a story here wit this one…this a contour interpretation of a view of a ladies ring, can you see it?