Workshop postponed…

My altered book workshop was postponed until November 1, at 4:30 (I am showing up late since I have to work that day). Anyone interested still has time to sign up.

Dejected, I have noticed my thermometer proclaiming the temperature outside to be 33 degrees! Who turned off the sun? Am I ready for cold weather, no way!
So here I sit (waiting on the coffee pot to finish) thinking, never a good thing to do so early in the morning.  It must be a greater force at work. A divine guidance. Un segno.  Whatever it is, I must obey the edict.

I hear the beloved sounds of my coffee pot gurgle.
Dear friends, I will give account of my valiant (love this word) efforts soon.

Until next we meet,

Beautiful October sky and mountains of BSG, as I drove through town yesterday.