wise county modernists….

As the editor of our local paper and I were recently talking, (thanks again Glenn for that great article on my exhibit!!), it occurred to us that there must surely be others out there with a desire to come together artistically.  Wise County Modernist  is a facebook monicker, that Glenn had already created. Our goal now is to take this idea from virtual to physical presence by providing a location and time for anyone who would be interested in participating in an informal setting to share, encourage and enjoy artistic thoughts, ideas. 

Glenn was already on a mission, when he formed a facebook page in an attempt to reach out to others with similar interests.  As he invited me to become involved with his goal, to create dialogue among like minded people, it reminded me of how much energy and excitement I gained from weekly class art critiques and just how much I missed that creative energy.  I recognized that I, not only crave that interaction, but that I have a great location which we can share as a meeting place.  

Consider yourself invited to our first get together.  I am excited and curious to see who will venture out in the beginning.  There are many talented writers, musicians and artists in Wise County and it would be great to see us come together to provide support to one another and our artistic souls.  

If you are in our area and interested in participating with us (this includes those who just share a love of art in all forms, but are not necessarily an artist themselves!).  Oh, and don’t forget to bring your own seating and snacks!

please join us on August 30, at 6pm at the artisans of the gap studio, and yes…spread the word!