When I Was A Kid…


I used to draw two things constantly. Horses and clothes. Of course I thought I was destined to be a fashion designer and own horses and ice skate like Dorothy Hamill. 😂

Everything about my life is opposite of the person I imagined. I do still love love horses and nature inspired fashion. But I’ve rarely even been on a horse much less owned one. A fashionista or clothing designer is the last thing you’d associate with me!

I do admire unique clothing designs that are inspired or mimic these elements. I believe that being immersed within an otherworldliness, fairytales, adventures and dreamscape like experiences are what most people secretly desire. It’s such a shame that we lose or suppress most of that child like wonder as we grow.

Thank heavens for the writers, singers, designers, moviemakers and other artists who do not. Life would be such a dull experience otherwise.

Until next time. Valerie