What to Leave in, What to Leave Out

I am working on this blog post and struggling to come up with words to write, and I am also listening to music.
Bob Segar’s, Running Against the Wind, starts…and that makes me think about the album cover (for those of you who don’t know what an album cover is, it is the old school protective jacket for your vinyl record,
and always highlighted fantastic art work!)
  *see image of this cover below*
The album also happens to be the name of the concert tour, and was my first rock concert (1981). I am a big fan of his music. With timeless lyrics, his music seems to have a staying power,
and a resonance that doesn’t stop with one generation.
Maybe its just that ‘thing’ that no one every has words for,
but, we all understand and accept?
Whatever, if you don’t know who he is or his music
(and you live under a rock) check him out his work.

Oh yeah, and here is MY art, another digital painting of a horse that brought up all the discussion! 🙂

Its a Horse of Course
Digital Paintnig
by Valerie Dowdy

Bob Segar & The Silver Bullett Band
Against the Wind