Weekend Warrior (it’s not what you think!) 

Friday! TGIF! #fridayfeeling (I think you get my point-I’m happy it’s Friday!)  I should preface this blog post with the fact there’s not much art going on here for the next few days. Either, visit me later or join in on a little canine adventure. 

Our weekend will begin with a first for all three of us. Our son asked us to puppysit our grand-puppy Copper. (Yep, we’re Disney fans, #imahounddog).  Meet Copper. 

Did I mention that we have a 14 yr (next month) old, senior dog, who’s diabetic, arthritic, and mostly blind? Yep. We do. My Sunday post should be pretty interesting! Meet Abe. (Again)

Anyone out there with tips on controlling a 10 week old puppy around a nervous old cairn terrier feel free to leave some suggestions! 

I’m sure it will be a weekend to remember! 

Life IS an adventure…