Valerie Dowdy Art Shop is Integrated…And Tax Season

Art Newsflash:

Valerie Dowdy Art blog is integrated and ready for your viewing pleasure. (Please view it!) I’m feeling a little better about myself and the blog after creating a successful integration between my Etsy Shop and My Blog Page. Technology will no doubt be the cause of my demise. That or bookkeeping, I’m just not sure which.

Valerie Dowdy Art Shop!

New Art:

Story Time:

It is tax season. Every adult in the US is already in the throes of finishing theirs or beginning to breathe again from having finished. 2022 is my first foray into the highly intense and analytical world as a bookkeeper ( for multiple corporations).

Im not going to lie, I’ve been sweating and anticipating this for a month or so leading up to this week. I think my eyes are permanently scarred from so much intense staring at a computer screen covered in numbers. Good grief…my shoulders are permanently around my ears and I am in a lot of need of mental rest. BUT, my part is officially over except for a few small errors, questions answered and payment histories my part of this process is over. The accountant has not threatened or screamed at me. Even though there were a series of emails back and forth one night, that caused me to sweat a little-I knew handling five LLC’s, learning to use quickbooks and my only experience prior was to balance my checking account-I am feeling ok. Relieved it’s over.

Boy, am I ready for #winefriday. 😂🤣😰🫣😮‍💨 and to celebrate the weekend here is a #sassywinechick to express my Friday happy.

In conclusion, I just have one question? Did you expect storytime on tax season trauma from an artist’s art blog?? I didn’t think so…. 🤓🥸 I never did either.