Twin-Power Birthday Saturday

Yep, Its a big weekend in our home. Our twins are together, in the same town, with us. We’re just missing older Sis and Amy. Adulting children make visiting more complicated. Especially when two are working on furthering their education, while working. (Did I ever mention that I love to brag on my children?)

Valerie Dowdy Art ©️all rights reserved

Today the female half of the twin team Dowdy, is piled up with her dad watching Stranger Things episodes. Me, I’m trying to NOT watch them. My dreams are crazy enough thank you. My husband has been a Stephen King fan since the Bachman books days, and they’ve decided this series is aligned with something he’d create…

We’re celebrating a milestone for the twins this weekend, thirty years. I guess that officially and definitely puts me in the old category.

And his concludes today’s blog post with. O art updates, but a real photograph taken with my iPhone 7+ noir setting.

(Apple should pay for this free plug don’t you agree?)

((So what if my camera, I mean, phone is already 2 yrs old?))

Can’t think of any better advice for my twins than is, can you?

Peace, Valerie

Happy 30th Birthday Shaun & Cassandra