To Plant A Garden, Is To Believe In Tomorrow…

Hello my friends.

I hope this blog reaches each of you in safety and good health.

I’ve been trying to think about words I could possibly say in this blog that are worthy of your time and simply am drawing a blank.

So much divisiveness. So much anger, hurt betrayal, loss, and disgust have overwhelmed us all of late and any platitudes I can come up with just seem too trivial and quite frankly a disservice to so many.

All I have to share are my beautiful flowers that bloom in spite of death totals climbing, injustice, protests, looting and riots. Without wasting anymore of your time here they are.

Autumn Fern
Asiatic Lilies
Oak Leaf Hydrangea
White Adore Hydrangea
125 lbs of sweetness and the best love ever
Copper Bloodhound taking a moment to smell the flowers
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Last but not least, my little fluffy butt-Bernadette
aka Bernie showing off her carrot toy-
To give you some perspective-she is smaller than coppers head!

It just doesn’t seem right to not leave a quote.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”― Audrey Hepburn