The View From Where I Sit Now…

…has drastically changed! When we moved to Big Stone Gap (1463 ft), we felt we had literally descended the mountain. However, moving to Lynchburg (630 ft.) opened my eyes! 

We all know that creativity takes shape in all sorts of ways, mine is in a more domestic form as we settle in to our new nest. If I have learned one thing as an artist, you have to listen to your canvas and let a speak to you. The same is true for a home old or new. You must listen and learn to understand. You can not force your style or design, it never works. I suggest taking time and letting the house guide you when you make decisions like this. We’ve gone from arts and crafts style to our current home which is very traditional, formal. From the custom made drapes to the hardwood floors this house tells anyone looking that nothing but quality will work here. Learning to work within those parameters I took that formality and bent it just enough to let my artistic and informal side shine through. I am an artist, and I need the freedom to create and showcase art, both mine and the pieces I have collected. Our newest abode, is not only smaller, but is as informal as the other is stately. My love of vintage are going to come in handy. From my collaged bread box, to the linoleum (yes I said linoleum) floors and white painted cabinets, back up to the paneled and plastered walls, I am observing and listening to find a way that we (me and the house) can both find a rhythm. In return, the home will accept and welcome us with familiarity and contentment. What more can we ask for?

to add a curtain panel or not to panel…that is my question?
Farmhouse Chic or BoHo? you decide…

Until next time. Peace and Welcome to our farmhouse,