The Last Days Of 2022…

The last days of 2022 wind away into the ether, as most of us are reflecting on what has been and will be. Taking down the seasons decorations, we are ready for the dawn of a new year.

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We reflect on all that has gone before: the good, the bad and the average in between. There are marks they left deeply grooved in to our hearts and minds. We shed tears for the lost, smiles for the gains and rekindle hope for that which continues to elude.

Is it fate? Randomness? Or some divine plan that alots each moment, death, health or a multitude of other occurrences that make up the minutes of our existence.

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Maybe we can control or change our path, or maybe we simply cannot. Who knows? What I do know, is that we often use them without giving much consideration to the great value that each one represents. It is an exchange of a moment in our time, once used, never regained. All those moments-no matter how you consider them, or how you’ve spent them-an hour, a day, weeks, or months the sum of your moments are spent. 525,600 minutes. 365 days. 12 months. 1 year.

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I guess my own year end reflection is obvious now. Those differences between the quantity and quality of my time hits hard when I reflect on my personal bank of time already spent. Maybe 2023 and all the rest of my new years will mean a bit more. Hopefully to you as well.

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