The Language of Color Exhibition Reception

Tomorrow, August 23, 2012 is the reception for my current exhibition, The Language of Color,  in the Charles W. Harris Gallery located inside the Lonesome Pine Regional Library, we will begin at 5:30-7:30. I hope I see a lot of you there.

Flowers for Julia 2
24 x 30″
 oils on canvas

Update on the current surreal piece I have had on the easel for a while now.  I have added some details to the tree trunk, I also decided the ledge needs some textural aspect to it, so I have gone back in with my spackle.  The eye is completely changed from its previous state.   It was very intense and almost alien in appearance before, which was cool, but not where I wanted this piece to go. I have recreated the eye to look more like a sun.  Which some are saying is even more creepy than the previous intense eye…I am kind of preferring this one, even in its unfinished state. 

In the hope of making time to paint last night and this week I brought this piece home. By the time I pulled in to the garage last night, I had such a debilitating migraine it was all I could do to make it into the house, take meds and lay down with my face covered for a couple of hours.  It has been such a long time since I have had so severe of a headache.  No fun and too much stress, equals NOT enough creating of art.