The Artist & The Asthmatic Gardener…

The Artist & The Asthmatic Gardener: An artist who gardens…

Some of you might know about my garden page online. I want to talk about and look for input on this gardening page in particular in my post. I am considering some changes or additions in this case. My thought is to add The Asthmatic Gardener as another page to my blog. It might take form as a private page or maybe something else entirely, I’m still processing my ideas. I am accumulating a lot of good gardening information, reels, and pics that I am proud of as I am navigating the “garden life”. I would hate for all that information to become lost. Plus, I love sharing my pics of the flowers, bees and butterflies. It may or may not go forward with this idea, but if you’d like to share some thoughts regarding this idea, please share.

In this pic above you see pink guara, orange cosmos & white montauk daisies in late summer of last year.


Oh La La Fleur is a new digital design that is now available in My RedBubble Store. There are many options of how and what items you can choose! Plus, there are lots more designs too. Have a look! Support artists. 😉👍🏼

Don’t forget my blog also chronicles my artwork portfolios. Here is where I keep a gallery of my art work. You can view older works and commission new work. So click that link!

Some of you may wonder why I am creating less canvas work or doing any gallery shows in a long while. Actually since 2020. But it is me, I am no longer interested in gallery shows. I’ve come to realize that the changes I spoke of in my last post are more inline with the direction that I’d like to take my work. I will never los my desire to make works on paper/canvas. But, I get a lot of pleasure working in digital formats as well and I see the art trend evolving and i want to be a part of this as it develops.

My art and this blog is something I’ll be addressing in more depth in my blog this coming year. I am hoping to get back to being more emotionally invested with this blog and to share my art journey. The Gardening Bug has bitten me though and I see it becoming more a part of my work and this is why I am considering introducing a dedicated page to the blog. That and i am sick of trying to remember to update everything and keep it all separate. So Stay tuned and if you’d like to share thoughts or opinions-again, please do some –

Until next time, stay busy creating art, planning your gardens and healthy-Valerie

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  1. It is very easy to see the influence of gardening. I think it would be quite appropriate to have space here dedicated to it.