The Artist and The Little Blue Cottage…

The Little Blue Cottage (a nickname we’ve given our place) has quickly become our downsized haven. We are embracing a simpler style of living here as we (I) continue to make art, we garden, update while navigating empty nesting. I am, and as far back as I can recall, have been an artist, first and foremost. I am, however, developing a great love of gardening that is continuing to grow. So much so, that I’ve drug James into it as well. While I believe his enjoyment lies more in the creating/building aspect of the process, there is no denying the pleasure and enjoyment (not to mention the stress release) that we both share.

As an artist, I love exploring colors, textures and things that add my personalized touch to our garden and life. Nature’s unpredictability always has the final word in the garden, of course. But, the collaborative aspect of working and creating together deepens the connection between us and to our home. The little blue cottage and garden spaces are not just a place, they are a series of experiences, success and failures, and of sharing life and our artistic journey.

Without boring you any further with my personal life and gardening, as this blog has been always dedicated to artistic support and the sharing of my process here. I feel it is well and properly run its course. In fact, this blog has survived far longer than I ever intended or even imagined that it would or could. I thank you guys for that. Your support, and encouragement and shared experiences have helped me develop it for a lot of years. Without meaning to sound blunt though, I am done. I feel like I’ve shared my how to and so on succinctly and not so much so.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s followed along and supported my art. No, I am not deleting this blog, because it also acts as portfolio and announcement space. I’m just explaining to you that I won’t be “blogging” here nearly as often, maybe never. As mentioned when I do, it will be more in the vein of announcements, invitations, or updates of anything specific to my artwork.

Melvin Moose

I am evolving. It is time, I’ve been trying to keep a foot in blogging and keep creating while figuring out a plan for art, empty nesting and turning 60 in 2024. Good grief & Egads!?!? 😳 There is one side/part of me that is incontrovertibly pragmatic and organized. It says no, don’t do this. This side is what made me a decent paralegal and helped me survive the raising three children (a set of twins in the mix), run a household and stay married. The artistic side of me is very different, she is passionate, curious and loves to experiment without measuring or boldly go without a plan/list in sight. My studio is always messy and it doesn’t bother me in the least. The one side of me would find it impossible to work this way. The other side laughs and thinks, good thing she isn’t needed in the studio!

I will leave with this: I have been working on some projects for a while now. I’ve shared the book I created for my granddaughter. (Dot’s Perfectly Perfect Daffodilly Day) I am almost ready to publish a new coloring book about gardening, very soon! (Welcome To The Garden) And, I am working on another children’s book (Melvin Moose). This last has been a project that I’ve given up/walked away from at least four times. This time, something seems to be clicking. Fingers crossed.

Coming Soon! Coloring Book