Thanksgiving Around The World

3 little birds, singing sweet songs a melody pure and true…

Thanksgiving traditions have undergone a slight transition for our family in the last couple of years.  In what has become officially titled (by me) as Thanksgiving Around the World, our family and friends unite for informal festivities.  It is such a pleasure to host this celebration.  Our house becomes filled with wonderful smells and lots of talking and laughter.  We do not let our different cultures hinder our time together.  We have found respect our difference and celebrate those differences.  Sadly, we will be short two family members.  We miss you girls and are looking forward to Christmas-thank goodness for face time. Anyone who has loved ones living far away, understands this.

My daughter and I have been hard at work today preparing for tomorrow.  We have officially finished cleaning the house. The dressing, cake, cookies, pumpkin rolls and about a  bazillion deviled eggs are done.  Whats left you ask? Why, the biggest damn turkey (wish me luck) I have ever prepared, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and rolls.  This does not include the various dishes my mom, sister and sister in law (to be) will bring as well.  We always have enough to feed our family, friends and half the neighborhood.

Oh, and since this does happen to be an art blog, I thought I would let you know that I am working on an new art project. More information to come.

I will post some pictures tomorrow of our Thanksgiving Around The World group.

Remember: The appreciation of art is what distinguishes humans from other animals, and that creativity in whatever form makes our very existence meaningful. 

I am thankful.