Summer & Rain Take Me Away…

Today, the gray clouds hang low and fill the sky as a steady rain falls. The sound of raindrops against the roof and windows creates a soothing melody, providing a sense of tranquility that washes over my environment. As I peer out of my living room window, I observe the raindrops gracefully dancing upon the leaves of the cherry tree, transforming them into a shimmering gloss.

Living in a sub-tropic climate, where humidity and heat can often become overpowering during the sweltering summer months, the arrival of rain brings a welcome respite. The rain cleanses the air, refreshing both the atmosphere and the spirits of all nature and humans. The scent of damp earth permeates the surroundings, lending a distinct earthy aroma that adds to the overall enchantment of the rain.

As an amateur gardener, I find comfort in the fact that the plants in my garden are being nourished by nature’s own irrigation system. The rainwater feeding the roots of the plants effortlessly, eliminating the need for me to laboriously maneuver the water hoses. It’s a welcome relief, allowing me to step back and simply admire the beauty of my blooming garden without the constant worry of tending to its needs.

However, there is something about rainy days that always leaves me feeling more lethargic than usual. I can’t help but attribute this sluggishness to the nostalgic memories of my childhood. Whenever it rained, my mother had a way of ensuring we rested and recharged. She would coax us to lay down on our beds, encouraging us to take a nap, read a book, or indulge in quiet activities. It was a way instilling a routine of self-care but also granting herself a few moments of respite from raising three children myself the eldest and my twin siblings.

As I bask in the ambiance created by the rain, I’m reminded of those childhood days spent in the comfort of home, enveloped in the routine and atmosphere. Rainy days hold a certain nostalgia, urging me to slow down, appreciate the simpler things in life, and embrace the peacefulness that accompanies nature’s soft symphony.

So, as the rain continues to outside my window, I am remembering the opportunity to indulge in a moment of relaxation, allowing myself to be transported back to days of my youth. And even as sleep beckons, I am writing this down to savor the tranquility of the day, knowing that those days are gifts committed to our memories, to be cherished and embraced.

In my previous posts, I mentioned working on a large canvas it needs a few details yet, but is mostly finished now. I’ve been noticing the vibrant growth of summer zinnias. These flowers, thriving in the hot sun and dry soil, have captivated my attention with their intricate details. I’ve been inspired by their whimsical and surrealistic beauty so I created some on 11×14 inch watercolor paper using a combination of watercolors and acrylic paint.