Studio, Time & Frogs

Studio Time:

In my studio I feel a sense of calm and solace. I believe being enveloped by our trade supplies, that most of us creatives are ‘in my space’. I do not refer only to creating time, but the feeling of being in the space you’re meant to be. My experience is that sometimes I just need to sit and absorb my space, whether I am planning to paint or not. It’s a manifestation and quieting of my mind, a re-centering and meditation. I’ve noticed, that my friends seem to react in similar fashion when they visit my studio.

Life gets to us all from time to time. The need for spaces that provide tranquility and joy are more important than ever. Perhaps this is the misunderstood element of the almost fanatical interest in ‘she sheds’

or ‘man caves’ for non creative spaces. We all have the urge and need to seek outa sense of belonging. A ‘happy place’.

Not ever moment I spend there instantly transports me to a perfect zen like state. Sometimes it take a little time. The organized person that I am is left outside my studio door. It is not where I want to waste my precious time on constant cleaning and organizing. However, from time to time, I must at least give it a bit of spit and polish. This is where the Frog Art comes into this blog post. I ran across a 5 piece series of frogs from over 15 years ago. I sold one, but still have custody of the other four. I think it’s important to look at old work. It is helpful, enlightening and humbling.

QUESTION: I am curious about what things you require in your studio to enable or encourage the flow of creativity? Will you share with me what makes your studio right for you?

That space between the white lines, that’s my office. That’s where I conduct my business.

Early Wynn

Until next time. Valerie