Snowman Dreams, Flu Bugs and Art….

Snowflake Scarf personalized
and of course
Tennessee Orange personalized
All copyrights belong to U of T 

                                                                                              I often wonder when I sit down to do a new blog post if anyone else has as difficult a time as I coming up with an opening sentence. After blogging for a few years now, it has never gotten any easier and I suppose it never will. In the words of a beloved character, arrrgghhhhh…….

This past week was, and its lingering affects still are, one of the most bizarre and stressful ones of late. However, artistically, Lady Luck has smiled on my sign art business. I am painting snowmen, even in my sleep!! And that, is not a bad problem to have….

We were on the last day of our bizarre week, when one of my coworkers became ill and left the office to see a doctor. (We’ve had a couple family members and a coworker with some nasty bugs) A while later, I received a text message, one  that I would like to share…. 

coworker…”being in this waiting room makes me feel better already.” 

Sometime after he opened his practice in our area, this doctor purchased twelve pieces of my work to distribute throughout his office and visiting rooms. He has a love for abstract art and wanted to make the waiting areas more cheerful by sharing artwork. 
lucky me that he happened upon my work 

I will admit to being surprised, and proud, that my pieces are still on display years later. It has been some time since I have even painted abstract work. Seeing these gives me a desire to revisit this genre. Perhaps after the holidays….



Back to business and a couple little different project and variations on the snowman theme:

Vintage Window
Country Scene with Horses
Painted in reverse and on the Front for a cool dimensional affect 

 I will probably not post any more until sometime after the holiday. I will have all my chicks in my nest, I am still doing last minute orders for Christmas and still have had NO time for baking…all the fans and normal recipients of my peanut butter balls, peanut blossoms, chocolate chip cookies, haystacks (you get the idea of my extensive sweets menu here) are not to happy about this. 

But hopefully understanding…

To everyone who has stuck with me all these years of painting and blogging, thank you for your continued support, it means more than you will ever know and hopefully I will see you in the New Year 
(right AFTER I go visit my masseuse!)