Snow day….

Mother Nature certainly knows how to distract me and everyone else, with a big ole white fluffy surprise! White and fluffy…as in SNOW…yep I said snow. We’ve heaps of it piled up, accumulating up to 12-15 inches here in my county, and Depending where you are, some have as much as 24 + inches. And the ringer…? We’re supposed to get 3-5 more inches tomorrow! Living in the mountains makes for tricky maneuvering on snowy and icy road conditions, so most of us…stay home!

With lots of time on my hands, and trying diligently not to fall back in to a grief and being depressed, I have been hanging out in my art room. This room makes me happy and productive…I’ve organized the studio, swept the floor and hung a few special pieces that will have to be pried out of my dead hands one day, back up on to the walls, so that I can feel connected to them again. Meanwhile alternating my audio entertainment between NPR’s “ask me another”, “wait wait don’t tell me” and some “netflix”.  

I dove in to my oils, always a pleasure, and began some work on a couple older pieces.  I needed to see if I could revive them. Playing in oils is so addicting….I miss them. I began work on my second lamp project. I am trying my hand at up-cycling on a couple of them and am pretty pleased with their result/progress. 

Throughout,  I’ve been working on a pouch project for my one of my girls. She’s going out of the country in a few months and hates to carry purses/bags. So, I have come up with a “pouch”, made from canvas and large enough to stick the necessities in, to and feed a belt through. A sort of cooler, boho style take on the fanny pack. She is very pleased so I am pleased. I just need to finish some details!

Piece One…WIP this one needs a lot of work!

Piece Two-This one was damaged in by fire,
After I finish painting the piece I will remove it from the stretcher bars and see try to reframe
this is a delicate project both because of the damage and because of the emotional attachment

My art desk.
I found a couple yard sale frames a while back,
but just discovered that one of them fits my first ever mixed media piece
I was very happy and excited about this!

Close up of lamp project #2

Lamp Project #1
I love it!


The Pouch
Yep, it is as crocked as you see in this photo
I can come up with the ideas, but I can NOT sew
Oh well…
Now, lets see, what is next…..