Skål! Sister….

Gwendolyn is a friend of Sassy Wine Chick, the weekly comic I create and I’ve recently added a hunky descendant of the Vikings because, well, who doesn’t like hunky Vikings? you can follow Sassy on Instagram or Facebook. #sassywinechick

I am developing my series of cards for the Skjald Meadworks a meadery and gift Shop coming soon to Charlottesville, Virginia area. learning about mead has been fun and interesting, but who wouldn’t love anything that is made from the golden nectar called honey! Technically wine and ale are cousins, right?

If anyone has some humorous, PG rated quotes or memes on the subject feel free to share them in the reply section or via my contact me page.

Card Series Coming soon:

Skål Sisters
Sassy Wine Chick & Gwendol of Skjald meadworks enjoy having a drink together
Mead is the bees knees
The blood of Vikings runs through my veins, but mostly mead