Six Days Later.

Hello my friends,

It is now six days after day 365. The project is over and the NOT so fun stuff has begun.  To update you on what has taken place since, is not too exciting, and honestly I have been feeling weird.  Many of you ask how it feels not to have to paint everyday, and I keep replying that I like it, and not having the obligation of painting every day.  But in all honesty, there have been an equal number of moments when I want to paint, or feel as if I have forgotten to paint.  I am struggling with this new found freedom.

Sunday my husband and I spent some time down stairs amongst the daunting stacks of canvas and began numbering.  My husband suggested early on that I should number each day. He is a smart guy, and it truly was sound advise. Unfortunately, he should have known ME better than that…and now I have created extra work for us.

Some suggested teasers or have just asked me why I disappeared. It was not my plan to abandon the blog, I just needed a fews days to regroup.  My plan is to build your interest and keep you engaged until the show date (in November) and hopefully encourage your attendance to My View from 1502 (in November).    

First Teaser:  I have a total of expenses.  Please keep in mind the following; this total includes purchases that I began making August 2010 forward in preparation for My View, I am not including materials already stocked prior to this date, nor, my gas expenses.  What might have been more interesting, is inquire as to how much Starbuck’s profited from my trips!! There is a reoccurring theme here- where Hobby Lobby or Michael’s charges occur on my account, so to, does Starbucks…I’m just saying!

Total:   $734.30

Stay tuned for teaser number two.



Pics below are from my home, it is a WIP:

side view

bottom half

top half


  1. You're back! Yeah!!


  2. The end of a good thing can lead to the beginning of something else! I wish we could be there for the show, but we will be thinking about you and sending you good vibes!