Sincere Regrets, WIP & Looking Differently

Clouds from WIP

My Apologies

I read my last post, and honestly, I am wondering where my brain was when I hit the post button!? Sorry, that post had SO many errors! Thank you for coming back and giving me a chance to redeem myself. While I have never professed to be an author, I will admit to secretly fantasizing about writing novels. And, if I am being totally honest here, I have written, privately, on and off for years. Maybe one day i will try more seriously…

Progress…on the WIP

Defining A Visual Artist

But we all know, I am a visual artist, and the definition of a visual artist -is a pictorial story teller. I’ve read, that artists are the recorders of living history. I agree. Our art, should embody and represent responses to community, our lives and experience. The role of the artist is important, necessary, and relevant.

Does the above statement mean we are allowed to sit on our butts and only paint happy trees, and gently flowing streams? Hell no. Quite the opposite, we have a responsibility to use our skills to create pieces that provide the visual evidence or explanation of what is happening, why it happened and what or how it affected-everything. We all seek and enjoy beauty and peace, but life is rarely either. Right?

(disclaimer: opinions expressed here are my own experiences and opinions) 🙂

Today’s Quote:

“My goal as an artist is to create art that makes people look at the world in a different way.” ~Autumn De Forest (Art Prodigy)

Until next time.

Peace, Valerie