Sea Shells

On a recent Saturday morning in central Virginia, we were enjoying a lazy morning. Quiet time really is the best recipe for a long week of work and life.

You know I’ve told people for years that I’m a sea shell collector, love the ocean and playing in the sand. I’m definitely a sun worshipper. I’ve even read a book about people who literally believe in the suns healing powers. While I can agree with the suns benefits to a point I won’t say I go quite that extreme. But, Most like further than the average joe thinks for sure! 

So, I’m in my bathroom and getting ready to walk out, when I stop to admire some of my collected shells, coral, and bits, when it occurs to me that some of you might enjoy seeing exactly what it is I am enjoying. I won’t waste a long time with words today, but I was considering doing a series of posts where I share some of my shells individually with a little information about them and wondered if anyone out there would be interested? I think shells are some of natures most beautiful sculptures. And the best part is that they are free to anyone who appreciates their beauty. 



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