Reporting In…


I had to show off this picture.  There is something outrageous, and AWESOME (I’m just saying…) to see your name lit up like this.  Honestly, since the show, it has taken me a few days for my feet to hit the ground again.

The show was a success, and the director informed me that it was the largest turnout they have ever had.  When it came time for the art talk I nearly lost it (and I am so NOT exaggerating).  I learned that q & a sessions are much easier for me, that I still have a long way to go with public speaking, and UNfortunately the only way to fix this is to keep doing them.  Continuing, or back to, a positive theme, the Kingsport Times News did a great article on the exhibit that came out in today’s paper.

Now that I am catching my breath, and winding down from the show I am feeling ready to paint.  I have a couple of commission pieces that I need to get done before Christmas, and a small mural that I will knock out in early Dec.  Another artist who is interested in working together, and I, spoke recently.  Maybe an artistic dialogue between the two of us would be fun.  I think there is something brewing here. I will let you know.

Below I am posting some photos of the work hanging.  The one point that drives me nuts about these pictures are that they are perpetually crooked.  The hanging system, combined with the number of art pieces, simply did not jive.  There were not enough stabilizers to accommodate so many pieces.  If I look at them too seriously-well I feel like throwing my head back and howling in frustration.  When you see them below-you will understand.

There are a few options I am considering as I move forward with “My View”.  I would love some feedback, suggestions and opinion.  The poll is located to the right.   All comments will be considered and greatly appreciated and if preferred to remain anonymous.  
Oh, and I recently gave the blog a bit of facelift…do you like it as well? 
I look forward hearing from you.



  1. Nancy, thanks for your vote. I guess I know what direction I want to go in, just wondering how everyone else feels. YES, I have sold several pieces!!! If anyone is interested in purchasing one of the pieces, please feel free to contact me. I am willing to ship, help you with framing for an additional cost and remove the art early from the exhibit for Christmas gifts.
    (wow) I sound very accommodating!

  2. Ok, I voted — but in reality, I just want you to do whatever it is that will make you creatively happy! You didn't say, but did you sell any of this wonderful art?