Remember The Kingfishers Mistress artwork…?


The Kingfishers Mistress was painted this past year and blogged about here. During December this piece kept drawing my attention. So I pulled it off my studio wall and planned to cover it and repaint something different. It was propped near my easel and as I worked on holiday commissions I had more time to study the work. There are some things I really like about this painting and some that I am like….meh about. So, I am keeping the work. BUT…I am going to rework parts of the painting. In my next blog I will share an update on my progress.


Last, I wanted to draw your attention to the right sidebar of the blog

I have added a couple of widgets that share my Facebook page, Instagram Art page and Twitter account. The last being a mashup of personal tweets, shares, and Art combined. You can expect to see a lot more personal things and Bernie pics there. I recently created a tik tok because I have been hovering for a while enjoying the myriad of personalities, humor, and dog vids. I’ve been encouraged by so many to do videos of my art on you tube and the others but I am just not sure. Do any of my art friends/followers do this? Or care to share your experiences/thoughts?

In Closing: Instead of quotes, let us talk about tangerine trees & marmalade skies…

This is not a song about drugs. It is a song based on a surrealistic picture drawn by Julian Lennon, John’s son, at 3yrs old, concerning his friend Lucy quite literally flying in a sky filled with diamonds. Its psychedelic images are definitely trippy. Quite literally, it is based on a piece of artwork. I’ve provided a link below to read more.

Read more here:

Picture yourself in a boat on a river-With tangerine trees and marmalade skies-Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly-A girl with kaleidoscope eyesCellophane flowers of yellow and green-Towering over your head-Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes-And she’s gone

Lucy in The Sky by The Beatles

Perhaps I should attempt my personal interpretation of this song (for fun) there are many out there….🤔🤔

Until Next time. Peace,