Rebirth of a work…

Insomnia strikes again in the wee hours of this Monday morning…Turning myself to something productive (after finding little of import on Facebook feeds and Instagram), I thought you might appreciate a post that focuses on a piece of art that I began working again, a little over a week ago.

This particular piece has gone through a couple of rebirths and had unsatisfactorially, made its way on to my wall to be dealt with later. And before I knew it, the holiday sign season was upon me. What was meant to be a short period of reflection, grew quickly in to almost a year. Finally, it seems that later has arrived. 

There are obstacles to overcome when addressing a piece of work which has already seen several attempts at its rebirth. There are many layers of paint and textures, each of these increase the difficulty of finding a balance and harmony. Between my new efforts and those already preset, it’s like working out the pieces of a puzzle; I must find the correct placement of each color and brushstroke  to restore and create the balance of a story attempting to be retold. 
See the progress below (WIP) and an example of what happenis when a plan unconsciously begins to come together. I’ve singled out the paintbrush for you, can you find the face and butterfly? 

Title: Untitled WIP
Size: 30 x 40 inches 
Medium: mixed-acrylics, spackle, ink 
Artist: ©valerie dowdy art 2015 

Side view to help see the textures 
The paintbrush 

Until we meet again…