Hello friends,

   Here in our neck of the woods it appears as if fall has, well, fallen.  There are leaves everywhere.  Those lovely colors are fading quickly. More quickly than I care to consider.
  I thought perhaps it is time for an update on my progress with the art show preparations.  Unfortunately, this part of the process is not nearly as fun and exciting.  I do have a bit of news though. I have finished creating the inventory list (that is actually more the size of a book or IMO). Weighing in at 52 pages long and the inventory contains small jpegs, titles or not, and prices of each piece.  This is to help the curator recognize each piece.  Some galleries prefer to not have prices on all of my work.  The work is now in “rough” sorting.  We (thank you dear hubby) have also begun working on adding the screw rings and the wiring process for hanging.
  On the still to do list, I need to create labels to hang with each day’s work and purchase putty to stick them to the walls, I have not finished my business card design and I need to have my cards printed, there are flyers which are ready and need to be handed out, I have created my invitation cards and need to print labels to them AND either mail or hand out.  If you are willing to take a few of these and hang and/or distribute let me know.  I have a list that does not seem to be decreasing as quickly as I would like for it to do. It makes me a nervous wreck just thinking about all these details!
  So, how am I to cope with that stress? Well I am rewarding myself a small distraction/gift.  I am going to attend a local workshop this weekend. (While I should be working on art)  I was invited to participate in an Altered Book Art class.  I am intrigued about this genre of art and know little of its process.  Hopefully this will fix that. If I am successful I will post my project.  I am sure in a 4 hour class we will barely scratch the surface, but I always enjoy learning about new art techniques.

If you happen to be in my neighborhood and think you would be interested in the project, let me know. I can forward you the contact and sign up information.

I leave you with another piece of older work. This one sold about 2 years ago. It was entitled Jazzy.  I used two different types of paint.

It is a blustery day here in Wise.
Happy Birthday Deb.