Pack, Unpack, Move….repeat

My goodness, if anyone ever tells you moving is not too difficult, then
a) they do not own many material things or 
b) they are lying. 

Since January 1, I have experienced a lot of transition in both my personal and professional life. For some reason, the expectation is that change will be negative. That is simply not true. Change is about many things and definitely always about adjustment. How you handle and cope with changes are what defines your self and whether it becomes good or bad.  


A friend recently commented to me, that I am very adaptable. She said that when she moved across town she had a melt down. I have never really thought of myself as adaptable. But after looking back over the past few months, I think I am! 

It is never easy moving. Especially to a new area. I won’t pretend that I am completely acclimated and comfortable, yet. Yet, being the operative word. 
But, I know enough about myself and that I am up to the challenge of making some new friends and learning about my new home place. 

I do have one gripe…

it is that we ran out of space and energy to bring my art supplies back. 
I am already regretting that. In the mean time, thank goodness for my #apple pencil and #iPad pro! I am going to have to dig deep to survive until I get back to Wise County….