One week until we begin paint skins workshop…

Reminder that we are a week from tomorrow to the paint skins workshop.  If you are interested in participating it is not too late to sign up! 

To the left are some art cards I have in the studio, which may be purchased there or through the blog.  

For your convenience, I accept debit/credit cards for any purchases. If you have questions you may contact me directly.  

These cards would make great, any occasion or special occasion cards, or to be given as gifts. Some frame the cards. An envelope is included and they are protected by sealed glassine sheets.  

I am glad that I spent some time and effort rearranging the art on this wall. On Saturday one of these pieces sold.  I have a lot to learn about marketing.  Luckily, there are some great workshops offered for small businesses. Effort can translate into sales!