One, Two and Three…


Without wasting any time allow me to share these images.  They are updates to the piece currently under construction.  In the first image, there is a complete view of the art piece.  If you will recall, the painting began with a Pollack style pouring of acrylic paint. (layer one)  In the next step I added what I call “spackle”.  This is a dry wall compound or “mud” that is used in the installation process. (layer two)  The application of the mud was applied all around the edges of the canvas and varying areas. Oil paint was used over this in degrees of viscosity. (layer three)  The second and third images show closeups of the upper left and lower right areas, in which you can (hopefully) identify the three seperate layers that this creates.  
Is this piece finished? No.
The explanation of time and planning that construct this art piece are helping me clarify my process of mixed media and the frustrations I experienced to you during last year.  
Image of entire piece

Top left area

Bottom right area