Once Upon A Time…

Biltmore Estate on our way to wine tasting-storm approaching over the Appalachian mountains in Asheville, NC

…A Story of Angst & Frustration Begins

There was this artist who also blogged. She had just enough digital/technical knowledge to be dangerous in most cases. She created a blog post two times only to give up on them and not finish. Then one days she made this fabulous post with all this positivity and inspiring creative words of wisdom. She even added all these humorous and encouraging memes. She scheduled her post to go out on her best day (according to stats). The day arrived and she looked forward to pushing the post out on her social media. But the blog post had disappeared. Not to be found. She checked all the places and things, it was nowhere. Feeling so frustrated she almost gave up trying to make another post. But she persevered. And with trepidation in her heart and nervous fingers she began again.

Special Ordered Hand Dyed Silk Scarf Sunflowers

Take Two

Honestly, at this point in the story, I do not know where to begin. Do I even have anything to share? With no events scheduled or past, slow progress on my current painting, numerous failed past attempts at blogging I decided to wade in with a couple of small updates.

My View From 1502 Daily Oil Painting Sunflowers 8×10

First: The Art

Work In Progress-not really any progress!

It is simple enough and pretty straight forward. It is, after all a work in progress. Moving on…

Part Two-Sunflowers

8×10 Abstract Sunflowers painting, oils

I am being drawn to darker richer colors lately, it happens every year as fall approaches. The black or dark backgrounds appeal to me and images of sunflowers keep my attention. I love sunflowers. The flower that is summer, but also means summer is coming to an end. I see a whole world inside the layers of sunflowers. They fascinate me. They are beautiful, and one of the few flowers I can have in the house that doesn’t bother my asthma. I decided not to plant any this year and I am regretting that decision. Secretly, I always hope someone will send me bouquets of sunflowers. I heard a speech in a movie years ago about the sunflower that has stuck with me ever since. I bring it up about this time every year when they have my attention.

The flowers of Yorkshire  Are like the women of Yorkshire. Every stage of their growth has its own beauty, But the last phase is always the most glorious. Then very quickly they all go to seed. Which makes it ironic my favourite flower Isn’t even indigenous to the British Isles, let alone Yorkshire.  I don’t think there’s anything on this planet  That more trumpets life than the sunflower.  For me, that’s because of the reason behind its name.  Not because it looks like the sun  But because it follows the sun.  During the course of the day,  The head tracks the journey of the sun across the sky.  A satellite dish for sunshine.  Wherever light is, No matter how weak, These flowers will find it.  And that’s such an admirable thing.  And such a lesson in life.

from classic film ‘Calendar Girls’. By character John, written in the last stage of his life, before his death, to be read for the Women’s Institute. Beautifully written, and beautifully delivered by Helen Mirren’s role in the film.
sunflower coloringbook page

As you have noticed I have sprinkled images of sunflowers all through out this blog post. They are all my images, art projects, or personal pics.


Today I am making a promise to myself to get in the studio today and paint. I have been a little under the weather and my spirit wanes as I see fall approaching. Not to mention being quarantined sucks. But, hopefully things are/will be improving and we can all get our groove back.

Until next time. Peace.