October 10


Another week has passed. I feel a stronger urge to paint, yet I am still holding back. I am not sure I can explain why I choose to do this.  I want to be hungry for creating art when I start a new work.  This does put a lot of pressure on me, but, I feel this energy building and it is exciting.

I am heading downstairs in a few minutes to work on numbering pieces again.

The next step I/we will attack is attaching the screw eyes and wire.  Screw eyes are considered a more traditional method of hanging pre-stretched canvas.  There are several options available.  As you research methods of gallery hanging you will come across a lot of opinions.  My advice is to consider your work and then approach your project in a manner that works best for you and your art.  *However, some galleries are very specific in their requirements. Make sure you understand these requirements BEFORE you prepare your work as opposed to later.

The piece of art I am sharing today is called Circles.  It is a mixed media piece that I completed and sold several years ago in a local art gallery.   Unfortunately, I did not get the name of buyer.  Maybe it is odd, but I always like to know who buys a piece of my art and where it goes.  This surely has something to do with separation issues- when you sell a piece, and then regret it the moment you do.  Does anyone else have the feeling?  I feel like I have sold a piece of myself. 
There is a happiness and validation in knowing others want to own a piece of your art.  But there is also a period of loss. I can best compare it to a grieving experience.  I am not sure it is something I am comfortably able to explore here in blog world.  
As time marches on this morning. I will close this entry and get busy.  Hopefully with some productive results.