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Poem Revision 2-Final Attempt

Oy Vey! I am not a poet. Or more precisely, I do not have the patience to become a poet. 😰 Please- do not wish for any patience. I am somewhat superstitious and I do not care to have any more troubles in which I would to earn any either!

I am alone with my thoughts. 
It is early.
I sip my coffee.
I drink in the silence
and awake to her light.
She glides silently
from behind the mountains.
I breathe deeply
in this moment
and she moves on.
All was quiet. 
The birds begin to sing
a salutation.
I listen with awe and wonder.
Her mantle of light 
slips across the earth.
reaching onward. 
I am warmed.
My spirit restored.
She finds every corner.
A new day begins.
Slide the bar back and forth to see the hand improvements!

Art News:

I had to take this piece of work back to the easel. I realized that the poor woman had a very clubby unattractive hand- it makes me crazy when I don’t see obvious things objectively when I’m working. I worked in the studio a good portion of they day. And of course now, I see even more that needs fixed. So….down the rabbit hole I go…

I do not have a title either. Nothing has jumped out yet. I keep calling her Glory/Gloria, but that does not feel right. I have been painting a long time and titling art has NEVER gotten any easier. Nor, does public speaking, for that matter. And, after being quarantined for basically a year, I am getting worried about myself. All my efforts to push myself out there into the world and shout “look at my art” have dissolved into the ether. The introvert is finding herself more and more content in the studio, mostly alone. I know. Not good. If I could have perpetually spring and summer weather you’d most likely have to drag me out. But winter days totally are so depressing…ugh.

Maybe I should attempt a live demo or Q&A or something. I need to push myself a little…anyone interested in learning something? Or would you want to have a art/group Zoom chat, or Facebook Meeting thing? IF you say yes, please give me send some topics you’d like to discuss or techniques you want to learn. When I stop hyperventilating at the notion of leading one- I will put something together and schedule the event.

A bore is someone who deprives you of solitude without providing you with company.

Oscar Wilde

Until next time, stay safe & healthy.

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